Company Services

Our core services

Supply the raw material for processing manufacturers:

We supply the tropical raw material with a competitive price and share the formula and technology for manufacturers who want to produce by themselves.

Our core services and your benefits

Co-packing under private labels:

  • This is our core business. It makes up 80% of our work.
  • The clients will supply their own designs.
  • We cope with all technical issues to make it successful project.
  • We can complete the design to match with the types of packaging.
  • We can advise the client on the best suitable packaging for every product.

Doing co-packing with us, we will bring many benefits to you:

  • We guarantee the freshness and high quality of the products.
  • We have strict quality control systems following BRC standard.
  • We have well-trained working staff.
  • We have a wide range of formulas and packaging you can choose from.
  • We provide your own drinks with the tastes you will like.
  • We are willing to share our beverage technology experiences and advise on updating to new formulas.
  • We can help you find the reputation shipping company with competitive prices.

General sales conditions

  • Price based only on FOB or CIF.
  • Payment term: T/T or L/C.
  • Samples policy: Free samples up to 24 units, buyer is responsible for the shipping cost that will be compensated with first order.

For doing co-packing under private labels:

The clients will supply their own designs. Every design will have maximum of 7 colors, the cost for the shrink sleeves of PET bottles or glass bottles will be borne by the clients.